Data Driven can show you what any collector vehicle is worth, supported by real-world data.

I believe that anybody working with data has a considerable advantage over others; it is like having a map of reality while others are walking blind. In the collector vehicle trade and hobby, a lot of people are walking blind. I am working to help people valuate collector vehicles better. To see a very small sample of my data in action, check out my market analysis for the Ferrari F40.

I maintain a proprietary database of collector vehicle auction results and for-sale listings that currently numbers over 600,000 of the former and 2,000,000 of the latter, going back decades and covering essentially every make and model from every era and country of origin. Combining this ever-growing database with my unique methodology of comprehensive, model-by-model research, I can provide pricing and price history at a granular level for just about any collector vehicle. Use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Dealerships pricing vehicles on both the buy side (inventory sourcing) and sell side (showroom floor)
  • Auction houses negotiating reserves with consignors, and providing estimate ranges to bidders
  • Insurers aiming to insure customers’ vehicles at the most up-to-date market values
  • Collectors tracking the value of their collection
  • Investors buying vehicles as investments, looking for long-term price history like for securities
  • Individual sellers researching appropriate asking prices
  • Individual buyers and auction bidders researching appropriate offers
  • Anybody else who benefits from detailed, data-driven market value information

If any of the above describes you, pay attention to this space. You can also get in touch with me.

Andrew Riedell

Founder, Data Driven